Daisy's Birth Story | A Wollongong Hospital Water Birth

Dear little Daisy's birth was the first birth I ever had the privilege of attending (aside from my own babies'!).  Daisy was born in the bathtub under the care of the fantastic midwives in the Wollongong Midwifery Group Practice.

Looking back, almost 3 years later, I’ve learned so much about birth photography.  I recently revisited this birth and edited it again (as photographers do sometimes 🙈) and I found that although my exposure wasn't great, and many of the shots are blurry, this series still tells a beautiful story that I'm proud to share.  This series not only represents the birth of a baby, but also the beginning of my own journey as a birth photographer.

If you are in Townsville, QLD and would like to know more about Birth Photography or Videography I'd love to hear from you! You can check out my packages here or  Drop me a line below!

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