Remi's Birth Story | A 2am Birth at the Townsville Birth Centre

I first met Tamsin at the Birth Centre while she was in labour. Well, or so we thought! It turned out to be prodromal labour. She had booked on the phone a couple weeks prior to her due date, but a few days before we had scheduled to meet in person for coffee she called me in the middle of the night saying they were headed to the hospital as the contractions were intensifying.   After working hard through contractions coming every 3-5 minutes most of the night, everything suddenly stopped.  Miss Remi had other ideas, and decided it wasn't quite time to come out yet! Prodromal labour is no joke!  And don't let anyone tell you it's 'fake' labour, because there's really nothing fake about it!!  However, sometimes conditions aren't quite right for baby to make his/her appearance just yet.  Anyways.  I digress.  So we had time for our coffee in the end :)  and I got to meet Tamsin and Matt properly, which is always nice before you enter someone's birth space!  Then, a week after our first night at the birth centre, at 41 weeks exactly, Miss Remi finally decided to join us for real this time, keeping us all on our toes once again by appearing face up (posterior).  Below is Remi's Birth film.