The Birth of Frankie | A Townsville Hospital Induced Birth

When I first moved to Townsville just over a year ago, a few of us school mums would sit around at the playground, dripping sweat, watching the kids and hoping they would burn some energy before returning home.  On one of these blistering afternoons it came up in conversation that I photograph births, and having seen some of my work one of my new friends declared "when/if I give birth again, you're going to be there".

Well, roughly 1 year later, Anita made good on her promise.  She gave birth, and I was there!  😆

Frankie was in no hurry to be born, and we may or may not have spent a good 2 weeks sending gifs back and forth to pass the time.  I contemplated pasting some of our gif conversation here, but thought it might distract from the whole point of this blog post which is to share Frankie's Birth film with you... So be warned.  If you hire me.  I will probably send you a gif or 2.  Your welcome. 

Click play on the video above to watch!

Dania Lauren