An afternoon at Freney Hill | Regional Townsville North Queensland Family Photographer

Angie asked me earlier this year me if I would travel to her home out near Major’s Creek for a newborn session, after the birth of their third child this June.  She then proceeded to tell me she and her husband had built their house DIY style out of shipping containers. I didn’t need to be sold, as coming to your home for a newborn session is part of my package, but then she told me they had horses… and chickens… and geese.. and pigs… I was like “When I can I come over?”

Lately in home family sessions have been wiggling their way deeper and deeper into my heart.  This is the epitome of nostalgia. The home is where childhood memories are weaved, where joy, sadness, hardship, excitement, all intertwine and, in many ways, shape who we become. As adults we forget to stop and savour the nostalgia, we’re too busy worrying that the floors aren’t clean or the washing hasn’t been folded, but our homes are so much more than something that needs to be cleaned.  For us, our homes  carry the memories of your first child coming home from the hospital, or maybe the last deep conversation you had with a grandparent.  The smell of your favourite candle, or the creaking of the floor when you try to sneak softly out after your baby falls asleep.  Having your photographs taken in your home is a little piece of helping to preserve these memories.  In this family’s case, their home has progressed as their family has grown.  And I feel so privileged I was able to document a small snapshot of their lives in a place that is so dear to them.

Dania Lauren