The Birth of Delilah | Townsville Hospital Birth Photography

Delilah is J’s 11th baby, and with a previous history of quick and silent labours I went into this birth on high alert, knowing that baby could potentially make a very quick exit.

Miss Delilah kept us on our toes though. J and her step daughter and I arrived at the hospital at the beginning of the induction (around 7:30am) anticipation high that once things started happening they would most definitely happen fast. Well, one shift change rolled around and there was no sign of any major progression. The second shift change came and went, and the sun began to set. J’s step daughter went home briefly to tuck her own daughter in to bed, and my husband (bless him) dropped off dinner so I could stay with J while she didn’t have other support.

Finally, around 11pm, things began to shift. The contractions were strong enough to be felt despite J’s epidural, and she began to work hard through every contraction. Although I didn’t capture it, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on the nurses face when she was finally able to tell J that she had made it to 9cm. The morale in the room lifted once again, and around 1am Baby Delilah born!


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