The Birth of Baby A | A Townsville Hospital surprise gender VBAC photo story

I got a text from Melissa around 10pm saying that she was heading to the hospital. I immediately texted back telling her to let me know when she had been assessed and if I should head up. Radio Silence. Having no other information except my own experience with second babies (who can have a reputation for racing into the world) I spent an hour pacing the house wondering whether I was going to miss the birth or whether I should head to bed and wait for more information. Little did I know that Melissa’s contractions started while her husband was at a work function so she had been pre-occupied with the duties of designated driver in addition to managing a fast progressing labour.

Thankfully I did NOT miss the birth. I finally did make contact and headed up to the hospital just after 11pm and from that point baby was not far away. M did an incredible job working through each contraction only 18 months after the cesarean birth of her son. Only a few short hours after I arrived a sweet baby girl was born. This is Baby A’s birth photo story:

Dania Lauren