Hello Baby C | Townsville Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photography

I have this habit of trying to pick where people are from... It’s a bad habit… I need to stop. The other day I was in the Townsville airport, and this family was sitting about 10 metres away at a cafe. Between the fleece jumpers and the hiking boots, and just they way they looked - the whole scene felt strangely familiar. I thought to myself “I bet they’re from Vancouver Island”. Long story short, I got on the plane, and who was sitting next to me? Vancouver Island family - and sure enough it turns out they were actually from Vancouver Island! When you’re a foreigner living in another country it’s always nice to meet other people who share your place of birth. There’s something about home, even if it really isn’t “home” anymore. I think we as humans looks for ways to connect with each other and place of birth is a huge point of connection.

What does this have to do with this blog? Well nothing really, except when I met J, I very quickly found out she was Canadian as well. We met before Little C was on the scene, so I was super excited when I received an email saying that she was expecting and could I capture some maternity and newborn pictures for her. What a fun couple of sessions we had! I also then learned that J’s husband P was actually from Ireland… so I guess that makes C Ausnadinish? Or would that be Canishalian? or maybe Irausnadian? At any rate, tiny wee baby C was the sweetest little thing - but don’t take my word for it you can see for yourself!