The Birth of Baby R | An empowered induction birth at the Townsville hospital

I’ve been in Sydney for the week. Capturing a surprise wedding. Anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty terrible at keeping secrets (I sort of burst at the seams if there’s anything slightly exciting going on). But I did it guys. I successfully kept the wedding a secret. Anyways. I’m back now, and catching up on some blogging from before I left.

This birth. The emotion. The family. Everything about it was a dream. I recently posted on instagram some tips about how to have a positive and empowered induction experience using this birth as an example because it was just. so. beautiful. These are some thoughts below:

1. Know your options and your choices: Fear leads to tension which heightens pain and can end up interfering with your labour. When you replace fear with education about the birthing process and the choices you have you can break the fear/tension/pain cycle. Have a plan B in place - if this happens I

2. Form a birth team: Continuity of care 100x over - having a care provider you trust who follows you throughout your pregnancy means you have time to develop a relationship and they can be aware of your history and your birth plan. Many hospitals in the Australian public healthcare system have Midwifery Group Practices or birth centres which make continuity of care possible. If you aren’t able to access continuity of care, hire a doula or find a relative or friend (aside from your partner) who can support you and your partner and advocate for your wishes.

3. Avoid intervention unless medically necessary (Lamaze healthy birth practice no. 4) Did you know even a stretch and sweep is an intervention? one intervention can lead to another which can result in what’s referred to as the “cascade of interventions”. Educate yourself on the potential intervention options you will be offered so you can make informed decisions on what choices are best for you and your baby.

Empowering options portrayed in this series include:
⋒ Continuity of care through a Midwifery Group Practice
⋒ The ability to eat and drink
⋒ A walking epidural allowed mum to change positions
⋒ Mum and dad actively participated in catching the baby
⋒ Delayed cord clamping
⋒ Uninterrupted skin to skin time directly after birth

Dania Lauren