4 years of loving you | My daughter's birth story in photos

I wrote out Adelaide’s birth story, and then I closed the page accidentally and lost it all 🤦‍♀️ doh! So I apologise that this is the short and less poetically crafted version…

Adelaide was born on a Saturday afternoon, I had gone in around lunch time for a stretch and sweep, my midwife declared I was 4-5cm dilated and when I stood up my waters broke! The circumstances around Adelaide’s birth had been quite traumatic for us as we had experienced a major family emergency in the week leading up to my due date (which also meant our family couldn’t be there as planned to support us!). Because of this our dear friend Hollie offered to come and support us during the birth. She also offered to snap a few photos on my camera, which I was hesitant about, but obviously, NOW I’m so glad I agreed!!

After a swift 2ish hour labour Adelaide was born. We were absolutely besotted and have only become more besotted ever since. Happy Birthday little one.

Photos by Hollie Simmons

Edited by me :)

Wollongong hospital midwifery group practice labour
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