Goodbye Grayson | A Photo Story of Love and Loss

**The following story contains graphic images depicting infant loss and grief

Last month I had the honour of documenting the heartbreakingly beautiful birth of baby Grayson. Diagnosed in utero with Trisomy 18, his prognosis was poor, however he fought on for 37 weeks nourished by his mama in the safety of the womb.

Anastasia writes :

“To know he never suffered, never felt alone and the last thing he ever heard was my heartbeat will forever bring a sense of peace. I'll be forever grateful for the lessons he has taught us and is still teaching us. I will never know the reason your life on earth was so short, yet im know im truly lucky to love someone so much that saying goodbye felt near impossible”

I feel very privileged that I was able to honour Grayson’s life with the following images, and preserve the only memories his parents will have of their sweet boy.

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