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Exclusive Christmas photo sessions are here! Sessions will be held in the gorgeous newly renovated presidential suite at the Ville Resort. Not a studio session, not an in-home session, and not a mini session - these sessions are a totally unique experience. Elegantly simple, authentic, a little bit luxurious, and topped with a touch of Christmas spirit these photo sessions will be a perfect way to not only create some meaningful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, but to also create some special memories with your family! There will be a tree set up for those who love the soft shimmering bokeh of fairy lights in the background, but for those who want to keep it timeless? We’ve got you covered! These photos are all about making memories for you and will only be as “themed” as you want them to be!


So what does Exclusive Christmas Session really mean, and how is it different than other photography sessions? Well, this is a 1 off once a year event and there are only 10 spots available! These sessions will be held in a beautiful suite at the ville resort meaning you can get that relaxed “in-home lifestyle” feel without the “in-home” feeling of stress that you need to have the floors clean or the laundry folded before your session ;)

There will be hot apple cider, eggnog, and a few other light refreshments provided and you can get in the christmas spirit and kick back and relax with your family all while we create your family photos!

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Early bird booking bonus!

All bookings made before Saturday 24th October will also receive a free pack of 24 personalised art cards valued at $150!!

More Info/FAQ

Q: Who are these sessions for?

A: For anyone! couples and families alike! They will not, however be catered towards large family groups. an additional 25$/adult will be required if you plan on bringing more than 2 adults to the session.

Q: How themed will the photos be? do we have to wear Santa hats?

A: AH! Absolutely not! Look, if you’re person who counts down 364 days until the next Christmas and can quote all the lines of Elf in your sleep then by all means bring your themed Christmas stuff! But I will be keeping it super low key with just a tree set up for those who really love to get in the spirit. Otherwise the plan is to keep the photos as timeless as possible so you can put them on your wall, give them as gifts, and enjoy them every day no matter what time of year!

Q: Will printed products be available in time for Christmas?

A: This is the plan! I will be releasing an order cut off date, as well as all of the products I will offer so you can have your head around which gifts you’ll want to purchase ahead of time. We will be offering Calendars, gift cards, small frames, brag books and more so keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

Q: Will you pose us? My kids/partner/I don’t know how to pose, and feel super awks in front of the camera.

A: Hey! You and me both!! Natural moments are my specialty so rather than pose you I might say something like, hey can you read that book to your kids? or everyone stacks on daddy on the bed! or I might ask the kids to sit on the floor by the tree and open a small gift I’ve prepared earlier. Plus there are many natural interactions that will just happen, and I will be catching them as we chat and relax together.

Have another question for me?

Send me a note below and I’m happy to answer it for you!