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the birth of romy

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“…Anyone that has been through labor knows just how special, empowering, scary, vulnerable, amazing, overwhelming & emotional a birth can be. To invite someone into this experience who you don’t know can be nerve-racking...but Dania is INCREDIBLE🙌🏼. She made us feel at ease straight away, she has a personality where you feel like you have known her for years! Dania captured the most AMAZING day for us! When we watched our video of the moment we welcomed our daughter earth side my husband & I both balled our eyes out! WOW🙌🏼 & the photos captured are so real, raw, magical, & tell a story! You can see & feel the mood in each photo, I have looked at them 1000 times! Dania added to our special day in such an amazing way! THANK YOU Dania❤️!”

-Roxanne (The birth of Romy)

“I'm not exaggerating to say Dania's photos of the birth of our youngest baby are one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Truly. The images she took somehow encompass the grit, the struggle, the elation, the tenderness, the relief, the miracle, the joy, the undiluted love... All of what birth is and can be, Dania captured it. My son just turned one and I still get teary every time I look at the photos of that magical night. You might be wondering if having a photographer in your birth room is weird or awkward or invasive. If so, you are normal for wondering. But when you are in the moment doing the work of a lifetime, you won't notice Dania slipping in and out, ever reverent of the task at hand, and you will be so thankful later that you shared that holy space with her so she could document the miracle unfolding.”

-Adriel (The Birth of Micah)

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the birth of micah

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the birth of riley

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“Dania is an artist. She takes such pride in her work to achieve the best job possible for her clients. Friendly and relatable, she made us feel right at ease at our first meeting, and we knew that we had made the right decision in choosing Dania to do our birth photography! We are SO glad we stumbled across Lauren + Douglas Photography because the end product we received was absolutely breath taking and had us in tears as we relived all the emotions surrounding the birth of our little boy! We will forever treasure our photographs and birth video!”

-Mel (the birth of Riley)