Custom Instagram Story Highlight Covers, Set of 12 Birth-Themed Icons, Hand-Drawn Illustrations, Choose Your Own Background

Custom Instagram Story Highlight Covers, Set of 12 Birth-Themed Icons, Hand-Drawn Illustrations, Choose Your Own Background


Designed specifically for birth photographers, doulas and midwives, this set of 12 customisable birth-themed icons is ideal for showcasing your birth storytelling skills, or the valuable training and support you provide mummas-to-be. Embellished with floral touches, and a nod to ancient mehndi designs, these elegant hand-drawn iIllustrations are sure to bring a sophisticated, cohesive and professional appearance to your Instagram profile.

Ideal for Story Highlight categories such as: Antenatal, Maternity, Labour, Birth Support, Birth, Home Birth, Postpartum, Golden Hour, Breastfeeding, Fresh 48, Newborn and many more.

This made-to-order bundle allows you to select between either black or white illustrations and submit your own background colour—making it easier than ever to create covers that match your brand!


Given the scale that highlight covers appear in an Instagram profile, subtle contrasts between the illustrations and the background can impact on the clarity of the icons. For this reason it's best to avoid midtones and we recommend pairing black illustrations with lighter backgrounds and white illustrations with darker backgrounds. We have found that choosing a background several shades lighter or darker to what you'd expect ends up looking about right.


Before purchasing make sure you have read and understand the terms of use outlined in the COPYRIGHT NOTICE / LICENSE AGREEMENT (below).

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Once your order has been received, and we’ve be in touch to finalise your selections, we will send an email with your (set of 12) Custom Birth Worker covers attached in a zip folder containing the following JPEG files:

  • Fetus Ultrasound

    Examples of use: Pregnancy / Maternity / Ultrasound / Antenatal Care

  • Pregnant Woman

    Examples of use: Pregnancy / Maternity / Antenatal Care

  • Mother and Support

    Examples of use: Labour / Labor / Birth / Birth Support / Midwife / Doula

  • Mother and Partner

    Examples of use: Labour / Labor / Birth / Home Birth / Birth Support

  • Woman Giving Birth

    Examples of use: Labour / Labor / Birth

  • Water Birth

    Examples of use: Labour / Labor / Birth / Water Birth / Home Birth

  • Hand of Support

    Examples of use: Labour, Labor, Birth, Birth Support, Midwife, Doula

  • Placenta Umbilical Cord Heart

    Examples of use: Birth / Postpartum

  • Babies Feet in Hands

    Examples of use: Newborn / Fresh 48 / Golden Hour / Baby

  • Breastfeeding

    Examples of use: Breastfeeding / Nursing / First Latch / Golden Hour / Fresh 48 / Baby / Newborn

  • Parents with Baby

    Examples of use: Golden Hour / Fresh 48 / Baby / Family / Newborn

  • Butterfly

    Examples of use: Loss / Grief / Sorrow


[SELECT] ‘PURCHASE’ below description.

[SUBMIT] your background color / colour hex code* (Sample: #3767C1)

[SELECT] between either ‘Black Illustrations’ or ‘White Illustrations’

[SELECT] ‘Purchase’ and proceed with payment.

*If you don't have a hex code you can use a color picker like to help make a selection that matches your brand. If you have a logo or image you'd like us to match, leave us a note and send an attachment to

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


As this custom bundle is made-to-order there will be a small turnaround time while we work to finalise your selection and create your covers. We’ll do our best to insure you receive your custom covers within 48-72 hours but most importantly we want to make sure you’re happy with the end product.

Given the scale these icons appear in an Instagram profile—finding a solution which matches your brand and maintains optimal clarity is something we are committed to helping you achieve.

Once your order has been received we’ll get to work creating your covers and will be in touch to finalise your selections. This might involve viewing your covers at scale in our test profile and possibly experimenting with variations in order to get things just right. Throw in a time zone difference here and there and this process could take a day or two, so we appreciate you patience.


Like the idea of taking your Instagram profile to the next level by adding highlight covers, but don't know where to start? We've got you covered;) Check out our blog article: 'Birth-Themed Instagram Story Highlight Covers–How to Download, Save, Post & Assign Covers'.


This set of birth-themed Instagram story highlight covers is the sole property of Lauren + Douglas. Your purchase includes a limited license for use on your Instagram story highlights only. This download may not be shared, copied, reproduced, altered or duplicated in any way.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you’d like to purchase a commercial extended license please get in touch.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. Email