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Australian Birth Photographer Selfie Townsville Hospital
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Hello! If you haven't already read our About Us page -  I'm Dania :) I began capturing births for friends a little over 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with our third child. 3 of my dear friends gave birth with in a year of each other, and I had the privilege capturing their moments for them.  My turning point however, was with the third friend. She was going to try for a VBAC and had asked me to be there just incase she ended up in another emergency situation resulting in her being separated from baby right after birth.  Well... She didn't end up needing those exact images, but what I did witness and had the privilege of documenting was the most empowering display of determination as my friend successfully birthed her son naturally. I went away from that particular birth realising what a privilege it was to be able to provide women with memories of one of the most significant things they'll ever experience.  Whether it's to help process a birth that hasn't gone to plan, or to remember the birth that you didn't think you'd get to experience, it became apparent to me that there's a huge range of reasons to document these moments, and I was completely hooked.

As of the beginning of 2018 our family made the decision to launch a full time photography and videography business, specialising in providing Townsville (and North Queensland) with Birth Photography services.  To date I have photographed 17 births and have also completed a birth photography workshop run by award winning birth photographer, Kate Kennedy.  

I am committed to honouring your birth space, and capturing your story in an artful and sensitive manner. I capture those deep emotions, those tender touches you might not remember otherwise, and those moments when you didn’t think you could overcome but you did.  I document the raw and the beautiful, the perfection and the imperfection - all of it is part of the story that is uniquely yours.  For more detailed information about how birth photography works you can read my FAQs here.

I put my heart and soul into each birth story, and my hope is that the end product will be memories you will cherish for a lifetime.