Waiting For Baby K | Townsville Maternity Photographer

As a birth photographer I have the amazing privilege of meeting some beautiful women, and following them through their pregnancy Journey.  Lauren is no exception.  She has spent a good portion of her pregnancy apart from her husband, so when we decided to do some waiting for baby photos, I was trying to figure out how we could incorporate her husband into the shoot somehow.  Luckily she totally beat me to it, because all I showed up with was flowers........ ;)

Native Floral Bouquet by:  Max and Lacey Floral Design

Native Floral Bouquet by: Max and Lacey Floral Design

Although the Birth and the Baby are the end goal of a pregnancy, I love "Waiting for You" sessions because they're something to look back on to remind us of the incredible miracle that life is.  The fact that for the last 9 months you have been creating and sustaining a HUMAN... like... isn't that AMAZING???

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Dania Lauren